Winter is coming and probably will be characterized by local or total lockdowns. Unlike the first wave, however, we know well what to expect during the days closed at home and consequently, we can prepare ourselves in time to overcome this phase constructively in order to be ready when the COVID pandemic will be done. As one would expect, our best friends in this period will be the smartphone and the PC. Here you will find 3 ideas to how to use your devices in a useful and productive way.
1) Learn a new language!
Learn a language is one of the “classic” good intentions of the beginning of the year that are regularly disregarded, but as we know, it is useful or indeed indispensable for many professions. The relative problem is duple: on the one hand the free time available which is always in short supply, on the other hand, the little desire to embark on an undertaking that appears boring and long. However, the Internet and some apps allow us to find a solution to both problems. I suggest you download the famous app Duolingo, Memrise or Babbel. If you want to learn English I personally use Xeropan and if you want to learn Italian you can try ItaliAmo.
2) Do a MOOC (massive open online courses).
Internet is proving a huge box of training opportunities and the pandemic has given a nice boost to the free sharing of knowledge online. The “only” problem is found a good and secure training course. With a little patience, you can find and follow courses of many different types, also for free, from basic to high-level training provided by universities. If you are interested to specialize in some field that you consider useful for your development, here you can find a helpful list.
3) Try Google Digital Training
Always related to online formation but more focus on the entrepreneurship field. If You have the idea to develop your own business, you can probably find interesting the proposal of Google Digital Training. In this space, you can find courses on How to promote your enterprise or for instance How to organize your time.

Now you just have to start!

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Lorenzo Ferralis-BBA