Youth And Labor Rights

On 15 October 2020, the National Youth Council of Macedonia, in cooperation with Cooperation and Development Institute, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and with the support of Hanns Seidel Stiftung and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized the webinar titled "Unravelling youth employability and challenges". This event was part of the WBYCP 2020 activity plan and the aim of the discussion was to raise young people's awareness of their rights when it comes to employment and to discuss some of the problems we encounter in this field.

Very often young people are experiencing dissatisfaction in their work place, specifically for non-compliance with labor's rights. In most cases, these violations have occurred due to a lack of information as being not - and also not having sufficient information about where they can report violations. As a result a provided to young people national campaign aims to inform young people about the rights that belong to them.

Double discrimination happens commonly against students in the Republic of North Macedonia. According to the law on higher education, full-time students should not work. But a large number of students have to work to cover their expenses. In this case, if they sign an employment contract, they lose the opportunity to be a full-time student. Thus, their spending on university fees increases as they lose many benefits as full-time students. Therefore, we have a lot of students who work without employment contracts, and are not protected.

Gender discrimination at work happens to young women because of the will to start a family, as well as how the use of parental leave only by women and girls influences their career - the law should regulate the use of parental leave from both parents.

A list of institutions where people should seek for help in case they experience violation of labor's rights has been produced, together with explanations on what is the best way to protect labor rights.