BBA, a local partner for the Career Guidance Services establishment in Korca

Partners Albania for Change and Development in collaboration with RisiAlbania is working to advocate for Career Guidance Services as municipal service in Albania. The model is currently being piloted in the Municipality of Tirana. The initiative consists of a bottom-up youth movement, which will advocate for the importance of Career Guidance Services to youth and to decision-makers at the municipality level.

The ultimate goal of establishing career guidance services in municipalities is to reach young people and enable them to adapt their decisions and actions in terms of educational, training, and occupational choices.

Beyond Barriers Association is now a local partner to this campaign and in collaboration with the association Women in Development- Korce, under the direction of Partners Albania, have designed the steps of the advocacy campaign for the city of Korca. A training of two days in September was offered to both organisations and the steps of the campaign were designed. Further a request letter to the Mayor of Korca has been drafted and will be used to lobby for the establishment of the Career Guidance Services in this Municipality.