Few tips to consider when applying for internships.

Students are always trying to find different ways to gain experience in their field of study. One of the many alternatives is to conduct an internship. However, internship applications are not as easy and as simple as they may sound. Besides investing time on writing a professional CV/resume and motivational/cover letter much time is spent on searching for available internship positions which align with your goals and objectives. This blog post will provide a guide of things to consider when applying for internships.

To begin with, you must first take into consideration your degree and qualifications. Do not feel pressured by the requirement of having prior experience as many students are in the same position and may have few or no experience at all. You will spend a considerate amount of time researching on open job vacancies via LinkedIn or websites. In case there are no open job vacancies you may send an email to the company, firm, or organization and ask them if there are available job vacancies or will open in the future.

The next step is to carefully read the job description, responsibilities and requirements. Some internship positions require applicants to be enrolled in university or master for the duration of the internship. Others may require that the internship is mandatory to complete your studies. Check to see if the internship aligns with your interests and favorable circumstances. Keep in mind whether it is full-time or part-time and whether you will get paid. If the payment is not an issue but you live in another city and you cannot afford the travel expenses you will most probably prefer an internship which will cover travel expenses.

Moreover, you may want to research on the company or organizations culture. It is important that you work in an environment with which you share the same values and goals. Online ratings are also a reliable option to find out how past or current employees experience the work environment.

It is very important to set reminders or provide a calendar on application deadlines and do not limit your applications to one internship. Apply for many internships that have to do with the sector you are interested in working for in the future.
Good luck with your applications and stay tuned to read on what you need to know to write a professional CV and Cover Letter.

Nadia Farwati- BBA
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