Local Youth Policy - Employment Master Plans

National Youth Congress of Albania in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Tirana Office, is implementing this year the "Local Youth Policy - Employment Master Plans" Project.
This project comes in pursuit of our long-term cooperation relating to the finalization last year of Local Youth Action Plans in 12 regions of the country, as well as the need to address and treat in a dedicated and intensive manner specific issues covered in the Action Plans, having a fundamental importance for the youth at the local level. Promoting youth employment is in the focus of our cooperation this year and we are addressing this topic by taking up initiatives and carrying out activities in its service.

In this context, during May-July 2020, we held online seminars via the Zoom platform, in 12 regions of Albania, bringing together in the dialogue youth interested in the matter and representatives of local organizations and institutions.
The 12 Local Coordinators, respectively of the Municipalities of Dibër, Elbasan, Kamëz, Korçë, Kukës, Lezhë, Përmet, Roskovec, Shkodër, Tirana, Vlorë, and Urë Vajgurore presented the concepts of the Youth Employment Master Plans. The presentation of the concepts, the discussion around them and challenges related to local employment opportunities were followed by the presentation by IDEA Challenge on youth entrepreneurship, career opportunities and development opportunities that it provides.

Source: National Youth Congress - Albania