How to write a professional CV

A Curriculum Vitae is a summary of an individual’s professional and educational history and is the primary document required in any application. Writing a CV may seem very difficult for youngsters who have not had many diverse experiences yet. Thus, the first advice is to engage in as many extracurricular activities such as becoming a part of an organization, volunteering, attending seminars and events additional to school activities, following internships, etc.
These are a few steps to take when writing a CV:
- choosing the proper format;
- creating a header;
- listing work experience or other achievements that are relevant and match the job requirements;
- education; hobbies; personal interests; languages you master; IT skills and/or other skills.

The ideal CV length is a one-page A4 or a maximum of two sides of A4. Keep the font choice and size simple and easy to read. Keep in mind to write dates in a chronological order starting with the most recent experiences at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. It is important to write your name, contact number, and professional email address.
If you decide to use a photo, make sure it is a professional photo without any filters.

Some job applications, especially European Union institutions require the Europass CV format. The format of Europass CV is easy to access and complete online at

Remember! An employer spends only 9 seconds on a CV. Thus, make sure to have a great CV and strong keywords.
Good luck with your applications!
Sources: Leigh Gillat,‘ How To Write A CV 2020’ (Diverse Employment) accessed 13 October 2020.

Nadia Farwati - BBA