How to prepare a good LinkedIn profile?

Have you heard of the expression “Do not judge a book by its cover”? However, don’t we all agree that it is a great cover that intimidates readers to buy the book? Saying so, this blog post will be focused on tips to create a good LinkedIn profile to help job seekers present their work in an interesting way and easily catch the attention of recruiters.
To begin with, the profile has to be complete as it increases the chances for recruiters to bump into your profile. Customize your URL with your own name rather than the combination provided by LinkedIn automatically. Make sure to upload a professional profile photo that portrays positive energy. Your profile headline may either be your degree, job title, or you may personalize a short headline that captures you in an interesting and professional way.
It is highly advised to consider your profile like your personal and professional resume. Take advantage of the summary box and explain in a three to five short paragraphs your work passions, main skills, outstanding qualifications, and work experience supported by some examples that prove your success.
LinkedIn is a ‘business site’, therefore try to share your experiences. For example, if you attend trainings, competitions, etc. share a picture and what you learned or achieved from that specific accomplishment. Do not forget to keep your profile updated and constantly check open vacancies on LinkedIn. One last advice is to connect to as many people as possible with whom you share the same interests. These may be very helpful in sharing and receiving information and connect to individuals whom may give you innovative ideas on your field of interest and even help you find a job!

Source: The Muse Eidtor, ’The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers’ accessed 20 October 2020.
Nadia Farwati- BBA