YouthSpeak survey reveals where youngsters see themselves working in the next 5 years

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and confusion in society. It is not easy for anyone to make short-term plans, even the daily activities are influenced by the governments’ dispositions that all over the world are trying to prevent the diffusion of the virus by implementing strict measures. For many categories of workers, the virus has emphasized moreover the condition of inequality and economic disadvantage. In this situation, trying to envisage the future is not an easy task. But for young people with dreams and ambitions, to have a long-term outlook it’s simple and natural, even during the pandemic! In order to better understand how young people see the future, you can have a look at the recent “YouthSpeak Survey” run by AIESEC, an international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization.

The aim of the report was to explore the motivations, hopes and fears for the future of young people worldwide. The report analyses 3 main aspects related to Youth:

• World view: in which young people’s views on the current and future state of the world and the 2030 agenda;

• Leadership: what motivates young people and their perception of leadership;

• Career aspirations: young people’s perspectives on their participation in the future of work.

More than 50000 answers from 157 countries and territories were used to build up the data.

Among the several questions of the survey, here you can find the interesting answers to the following question:

Where do you see yourself working in 5 years?

• Business Start-up 17%

• Multinational corporation 16%

• Small or medium enterprise 11%

• Free-lance 11%

• Academia/Educational institutions 7%

• Government 6%

• Social Start-up 6%

• NGOs 6%

• Culture/Art 4%

• National Foundation 3%

• Homemaker 2%

• Sports 1%

• Other 3%

If you are curious and you want to know more, please follow the link below:

Source: (YouthSpeak Survey Global Report 2020 published on 18 Oct. 2020)

Lorenzo Ferralis-BBA